Life Insurance Guru & Wine Enthusiast
Life Insurance Guru and Wine Enthusiast
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"Find what works, share what I find, and inspire action towards greatness."  I penned those words almost ten years ago to represent my life mission.  

Throughout my crazy journey that we call life, I've always had a passion for discovering things that work and sharing them with the world.  Whether that was taking apart my parents VCR (Hey... I did fix it), helping families with life insurance, or starting a cutting edge live feed talk show called the "Wine, No Whine!" Show, that's what I'm up too.  So, stick around and lets have some fun and make the world a better place!
"Life is too valuable to leave your loved ones unprotected."
Bestselling Author
In 2012, Celebrity Press asked me to participate in collaborative effort in putting together a book called, "Out Front: Business Building Strategies From Frontline Entrepreneurs"  Amazingly, it became a best-seller in August and I had the wonderful experience of flying out to Hollywood to participate in the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors (You can see my interview in the video).

I'm proud of what I was able to contribute and I believe it still holds true today; standing the test of time.  So... what more could you ask from of something you've written?  If you purchase a copy, let me know what your thoughts are.
Nationally Recognized Radio Host
I've always enjoyed entertainment.  I've played professionally in several bands and have had the pleasure of being in rotation on a major market radio station (Ask to see some of my old crazy long-haired Joe pictures).

I've had two stints on radio in Houston Texas and in 2014 was recognized for excellence in media by the National Association of Experts, Speakers, & Writers.
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